Top 7 Greatest Musicals – Ever!


The art form of theatrical performance which combines spoken dialogue with singing, acting and dancing, is known to have brought many emotions to the audience, ranging from love to anger.  Even though they are very demanding for the actors, are a true form of live and varied art, musicals have been ever so popular since the early 20th century.  But these musicals in particular marked the history of theater, and should not be missed for the world by all theater lovers.  Therefore, I bring you seven greatest musicals ever, (even though I could add a few more to the list) these musicals in particular have stolen the hearts of the audience, the actors, as well as the critics.

  1. Singing In The Rain

190275aAdapted from a movie, this musical has a plot which will steal your heart.  Also, this is a musical which is about both art and love, and if you simply love art, you will be swooped by it.  The songs are simply majestic, and as for the production, I can only say that the moment you see a shower on the stage is worth every penny.

  1. The West Side Story

The West Side Story is definitely a Romeo and Juliet story of the 20th century, which focuses not only on love but also on social problems.  It is precisely this dark theme which is explored in the sophisticated music as well as the dance scenes.  If you haven’t seen it already, make sure you don’t miss out on the UK tour.  And if you have seen it you will look forward to the 2015 UK tour all the same!

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  1. The Phantom Of The Opera

Phantom_of_the_Opera_LARGE_LOGOThis amazing musical is certainly a true form of art, and not just pure entertainment.  A beautiful soprano becomes enchanted with a mysterious, yet disfigured musical genius.  In this musical is so breathtaking that there are simply no words in which one could you describe it, but what serves to produce point is that it has been the longest running show in Broadway history.

  1. My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady is the story about a flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, who takes speech lessons so that she can pass as a proper lady.  Not only that this musical has become a momentous hit from the moment it hit the stage, but it is also one of the longest running musicals in theater production history. It has been referred to as “the perfect musical” and with its outstanding scores and songs and amazing plot line it is no wonder why it has received this unofficial title.

  1. Chicago

Chicago will get your heart racing!  The story about criminal justice, corruption, and celebrity criminal, has captivated the imagination and hearts of many theatergoers!  From the dancing to the music, to the acting – Chicago has it all, the intrigues and the laughter will take you on an emotional roller coaster, you will simply love!

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