Simple Maintenance Checklist for Vending Machines

Crucial Pieces of your vending machine will Have to Be kept Clean to prevent operation issues. A couple of minutes of cleanup on a regular basis is all it can take to guarantee trouble free operation.

A cleaning regimen will help to avoid some common Issues which can Lead to downtime and revenue loss;

Jammed coins,
coins led into the incorrect tubes,
wrong or no modification,
notes being refused,
beverages not chilly enough.
If You’d like the best performance out of your vending machine Then You Need to regularly clean these three crucial components;
Coin Mechanism Cleaning
The coin mechanism detectors may get cluttered over time. Jammed coins Or coins being led into the wrong tube is a sign that the sensors require cleaning.

Worldwide Vending urges that detectors be washed every second time The coin mechanism is stuffed. The cleanup procedure is straightforward and requires just a couple of minutes.

The movie below was produced to Supply you with the info Needed to wash out the coin mechanism detectors on a Sorrento vending machine.

Notice Acceptor Cleaning
Much like all the coin mechanism, it is good practice to clean the detectors On the notice acceptor at least every moment fill.

Condenser Cleaning
This may enable your system to operate at its highest efficacy. If the beverages in the machine aren’t as chilly as they ought to be it’s an indication that the condenser might require cleaning.
Worldwide Vending urges that condensers be washed at least every 2 (two) months if placed on carpeting, or each four (4) weeks if it’s placed on concrete or tiles. Click Here.

Cleaning the condenser is the toughest Aspect of your regular Upkeep, but even that’s comparatively simple to accomplish. The movie below will demonstrate how you can clean the condenser onto a Sorrento vending machine. Do not overlook that hiding behind the cable.

Just a Little TLC is All it Takes
Certainly, save some headaches down the trail. Like most machines, a Small Tender Loving Care given to your seller will considerably Decrease the probability of lost revenue stream caused by machine down time.

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